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Dual Aktivierung is a creative and effective training method and is suitable for all riding styles and levels.
It makes a lot of fun to do and diversifies the training.
It's an intense workout and therefore will not take much time. In the beginning we only practice 5-10 minutes.
For advanced horses in the trail, we recommend the 05/10/10 principle:

10 min trail exploring in active walk , then 2 min moderate walk, long rein
10 min trail trot, then 2 min moderate walk, long rein
Then 5 min final in trot, horse and rider concentrate 100% and do their very best!

When you consistently train through this schedule, the horse will very soon recognize that the work is done
after the third block. It will be highly motivated to perform and put its  ‘best foot forward’.
For best results, do this workout 2-3 per week, lunging and / or ride.

During this training, the horse will discover that, without any influence of the rider, it takes less energy to walk or trot
through the bars in balance. They wear  automatically 'more' weight on the inside hind leg and pass the bars straight.


It is striking that after this training a horse doesn’t sweat at some certain places, but ‘fume’ from their whole body.
This means that the deep muscles have been active.
A muscle that develops strength to perform, also produces heat besides movement.

bron: A. von der Wense