Unbenanntes Dokument

blue and yellow

A scientific study in 2001 in Wisconsin showed that horses (like dogs) are dichromates. Dichromates have 2 types of cones. Their color vision is similar to a color blind person, they see yellow, blue, white and shades of grey, but red and green can not be distinguished.During Dual-Aktivierung-training we use blue and yellow material with groundwork, lunging and riding to create strong incentives. With simultaneous left-right impulses the horse records more information from both sides, back and forth switching between both hemispheres is promoted. The result is that the horse brings the shoulders in front of the haunches, increases the engagement of the hind legs under the horse’s mass in the direction of the center of gravity, moves straight and carries ‘more’ of its weight with its haunches.



The 3 pillars of Dual-Aktivierung are:

  • Color and bars. At the groundwork we use a yellow flag. When lunging and riding we use yellow and blue bars and cones. The bars are made of foam, so the horse can’t hurt itself when it steps on one.
  • Certain types of exercises. If the horse is accustomed to this training, there are countless variations  to build an extensive blue-yellow trail where classical exercises are made visible. (The rider can entirely concentrate on the horse without focusing on the perfect line of a circle or square circle)

  • Full concentration! This training requires extreme concentration of man and horse. If the rider completely focuses on his horse and the exercises, the horse will give 100%.